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Our Guests have several unique sunless solutions that are exclusive for OBS Spray Tanning. We want you to achieve a healthy glow and most realistic and natural tan with a slow fade. With several services and solutions to choose from, we are positive you can achieve your spray tanning goals. If you can’t decide on the what the best options are, our Sunless Experts are here to help customize your experience.

Bronzing Solutions

Signature Bronzing This is our tradition bronzing solution that includes cosmetic bronzers to give you that instant glow, 8-12 hours wear time.

Express Bronzing
Similar to our signature solution, its a fast processing time. Perfect for those who need a quick rinse time. Perfect for same day event or busy lifestyles. 1-6 hour wear time.

Clean & Clear
This solution contains no cosmetic bronzers or Dyes that could stain the skin so your tan takes 24 hours to fully develop. Perfect if your going back to work or wearing light clothing. Most popular with our Brides

Competition Tan Call boutique for details, PRO TAN certified $ Varies

Half Body Bronzing Top or Bottom Half


Face Only includes face and neck


Additional Services

PH Prep Spray
This is used prior to application of your spray tan. Perfect if you wore lotions, deodorant or anything on your skin prior to your appointment. Clean skin for the best tan

Prep Towellets
These are great if you did not have time to prep you skin or exfoliate the night before. Used prior to your spray tan application to remove dead skin cells and leave your skin fresh for your color

Refreshing Post Spray moisture boost with time release that delivers bio-essentials into the skin to boost moisture levels and enhance your sunless results.

Tan Line Correction
For unwanted bathing suite, sports bra, shorts or sock lines. We can reduce or even eliminate the appearance for the life of you spray tan

Contour Face
Just like contouring with make-up, but better. Brow, cheekbone and jaw line. typical results last 2-3 days.

Contour Body
Enhance all your best features and fake a few. From head to toe and the booty too!

Professional Teeth Whitening

BRIGHT WHITE with Bleach Bright

2-8 shades whiter GUARANTEED with results lasting 6-12 months. One 30 minute session includes your teeth whitening tray and our BB-Cool Advanced Blue LED treatment to effectively enhance your whitening gel. We add a Blue Mineral treatment, post teeth whitening, to seal the pores of the teeth and prevent them form absorbing new stains, soothe the sensitivity, rebuild and strengthen enamel and maintain your new sparkle.

Bleach Bright Session

iBright Smartphone Home Kit Achieve the same whitening results at home with 30 minute treatments 3-4 days in a row.

Star Bright Pens Perfect for on-going maintenance and protection of your whitening treatment

Foam Bright Toothpaste 2-in-1 cleanser foam for your teeth.


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