Frequently Asked Questions

When should I book my tan?

We recommend tanning 1-2 day before the event.

Brides, we highly recommend a trial several weeks before the actual wedding to make sure We perfect the color for your special day. We love that you trust us, but week of your wedding is NOT the time to try a spray tan, especially if you have never had one. We do recommend the Clean and Clear solution for brides since you will be in a white gown. Bronzers can tend to stay on the skin 2-3 days and run the risk of rubbing off on you dress, Our clear solution has no bronzers so no risk!

How long does my tan last?

If you follow our pre and post care recommendations: 5-7 days. We do recommend tan extender lotions which help extend your color 2-3 more days. Lifestyle and skin care also determine how long the tan will last.

When can I shower?

With traditional solutions 8-12 hours, *Rapids 1-4 hours. Rapid solutions still take 8-12 hours to develop, you just don’t wear the solutions as long as traditional solutions. We do find that rapid tan life does not wear as long as the traditional solutions can. Skin care and tan extender lotions are highly recommend to lengthen the life of all of our tans

Can I work out?

Not while wearing your tanning solution. Sweat and frequent showers can decrease the life of your tan and also leave faux tan life from excessive swearing and rubbing. We recommend waiting a full 24 hours, as your tan continues to develop this long. We understand if you can’t, your color might not develop as deep but will still look great!

What do I wear for my appointment?

Every one is different in their comfort level, so we have seen everything from swimming suits, to old bras and underwear. We provide all FDA recommended protection like disposable underwear and thongs. *Please not anyone under 18 is required to wear underwear and a bra unless parent is present during the spray tan.

Whats the difference in the Traditional, Rapid and Clear Solutions?

Traditional Solutions you wear 8-12 hours before rinsing. You can not sweat or get wet while wearing your solution. It does have cosmetic bronzers, so you leave instantly tan. Those bronzers will wash off in the shower during your rinse as they are only topical and for cosmetic purposes. Rapid Solutions are a shorter wear time, 1-4 hours. They also have cosmetic bronzers that will wash of during your first rinse. You tan will still take 8-12 to appear, you just don’t have to wear them as long. Our Clear solution is an 8-12 hour wear time. It has NO cosmetic Bronzers, so you will not see a tan right aways. I takes a full 24-36 hours to see your tan, its also our most natural and longest lasting tan! Perfect for Brides or vacations. Clear is not our darkest of tanning solutions but the most natural looking.

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